Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Slug and Lettuce

Pretty average bar. Andrew said we couldn't sit at the top because the tables were only for if you were eating. He was wrong, but we should have listened. The table felt as clean as Oceana's cheesy room floor after someone chucked up a reconstituted hotdog up on it.
Drinks were expensive, and they were damn keen to get us out come closing.

The main appeal of this bar is the near-riverside location, however although the place is a fair size the area around the main door is at the narrowest point of the bar, yet also the busiest. We went on a not too busy evening and still had to sidestep past a few people to get to place an order. There was a seating section on a raised lever where we decided to go and sit, looked like it was more of a dining area and to be honest could have been a bit cleaner. The place was well lit, and seating was fairly comfortable but this did not really justify the larger than average bar bill incurred. We plan to keep the orders similar at all the places we review to keep the ratings accurate and so far this is the only one to pass the £10 barrier, in fact the only one that has reached higher than £9!

Drinks Price
(Strongbow, Dbl JD & Coke, J2O)


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