Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Oak

Rumours had suggested that this pub may have a mandatory Kevlar dress code, but from what we experienced on this quiet Tuesday night no one died.
We were greeted by a few guys with oral flatulence playing pool as we walked in and a mixture of old people sitting on barstools. As it was quite a large pub we had pretty much half the pub to ourselves and headed over to the sofas.
I had a feeling the bar staff weren't quite on the ball when Oliver ordered a 'purple J2O' and ended up with a small bottle of wine.
The toilets were probably the worst we've seen, instead of cleaning them they just threw urinal cakes at them. This caused a terrible waft of disinfectant round the pub every time the door was opened. There was no hand soap but plenty of lime scale.
Everyone else left the pub after the football had finished so we were the last ones there come lock up. It was at this point we became aware that the inside cash machine was manually emptied on closing by the bar staff. Hmm...

This place was very surreal on a few points as far as I am concerned, admittedly it was a very quiet Tuesday evening, which got even quieter after the football finished but I must say that I have never been in a bar that starts upturning chairs on tables in a ‘we’re closing’ method when there is still over half an hour before time is called at the bar, so yeah we were the only 3 people in the pub at this point but it not only blocked my view of the TV I was glancing at when I was ignoring Alex, one almost fell which, if it had, would have don’t some cranial damage to Ollie. Toilets….well…..i’ve smelt better in a back alley (not that I frequent such places).
- Andrew

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