Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Castle

If this is what has happened to old pubs, no wonder it's all gone gastro and trendy bars now.  This is everything you'd ever hate from a pub.  The only thing traditional about this pub is the building.  Which doesn't look like it's had any looking after since the 1980's (which I've heard was it's heyday, until the drug police moved in).
The car park had cars with broken windows, similarly to the front door, we through... into pitch blackness.  Okay, where is everyone?  Oh we've gone through the side door, why is that even open!  We go back out and round and open the other door to find we're the only proper customers there.  The other people appear to be friends of the landlord who all look very confused to why there are actual customers in his pub wanting a drink.  We order a J20, Jack Daniels and a packet of crisps.  There appears to be a rule of thumb here, if it isn't alcohol, it's from a multi-pack.  You pay the same price for a 2/3 size packet of crisps or a bottle.  They must know people won't ever be coming back.
There was a games room, but that was also in darkness, so we sat with our backs to the stereo which had about 6 songs and kept getting stuck.  What a waste of a licence.
One thing which I found very thoughtful was the selling of Chistmas wrapping paper and cards, just what I needed in the middle of January, thanks(!)

Pub facilities / features:

Sports screens
Pool table

Outside seating (lol)
Car park
Multi-pack crisps/drinks
J20 (tiny), JD & Coke:

Alex - 3.5
Andrew - ?
Oliver - ?

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