Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Duke of York

This pub is so generic, even the bar-lady looked like an amalgamation of 101 expressionless faces merged into one.  Just another place gone gastro, so much better competition elsewhere.
The most exciting thing that night was when we thought we were locked in at the end, but it turned out we had to go round the side - yeah proper amazing times man.
I'm with the guy who was at the bar - "Let's go over the road, where it's cheaper".

Pub facilities / features:

Food served
Real ale
Outside seating
Snacks (nuts on a plate)
Pint of Speckled Hen, J20, plate of nuts:

Alex - 5.0
Oliver - ?


Elizabeth Cremona said...

I'm currently studying at Kingston Uni for my Masters degree. Acouple of friends and I went out last weekend and ended up in Oceana with a club full of undergrads. Where do the >25 year olds go here?Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth,
If I was in the country, I'd it would be fun to relive some of these pubs and show you and your friends around some less 'cradle-snatcher' places.
But as I'm not, my best suggestion heading over to Richmond and a place called Vodka Revolutions. There you should find an older and better class of people.