Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Albion

A proper pub.
We walked in, got the drinks and went to sit down on some red leather sofa's in the corner. Before we knew it the pub landlord pushed in, sat down and switched on the sport on the giant screen without saying a word (he was a very fat bloke and had a strange football sized blob on his hip). Oliver looked down on him stunned for a second but we moved to a table which had annoying wooden post sticking out of it so you couldn't see the anyone opposite you.
Nice looked after place, no riff raff, and very cheap. They got the dog out to tell you it was time to close though.


Defiantly one of those ‘proper’ pubs as in your traditional, what you think of when you hear the word ‘pub’ type deals. The place was very quiet when we arrived, and stayed that way for most the night, after we ordered our drinks we had took some time deciding where to sit after changing minds form sitting at a table at the back we headed to the comfortable looking sofa’s to have the landlord take them over by himself (both of them) after it was obvious we were heading for them so we went for a barstool height table, which had another mini-table on top weirdly (but pleasantly) obstructing the view to Alex who was opposite me. After the first round we relocated to a normal height table. Overall place had a friendly atmosphere everyone else there seemed to be a regular and knew the staff.
- Andrew

Drinks Price
(Strongbow, JD & Coke, J2O)


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