Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Acorn 20

Nice pub/bar, very new, no chewing gum on the floor (yet). Chilli nuts came in a nice bowl and they had screens playing Men in Black on each table. That was ok until the sport turned on and we had cover the screen with a menu.
The J2O's were warm because the "fridge had broken", although we saw plenty of other working fridges behind the bar.
They also haven't lost some of the Artful Dodger regulars either, they were either drunk or had speech impediments.


This was defiantly one of the better modern style places we have been to so far, recently refurbished everything had yet to be worn in and so a very clean looking place all round. Drinks were adequately priced however the soft drinks fridge was cold, we did wonder after we were obviously there for a while that they couldn’t move some of Ollie’s J2O’s into a working fridge as opposed to keeping them next to a heat source of some kind. TV’s on walls at the tables linked to SKY and a DVD player, kept getting distracted by MIB, even looking away from the table some of us could still se it on the other side of the bar, but focused more on conversation after that finished and the football came on (yes were not really big footie fans).Snacks sold by the bowl which is a different touch, barmaid was friendly tho the seats we were on did appear to have an uncomfortable plank of wood (if sat on) to separate one side to another.

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