Tuesday, 4 March 2008


One of the big chains, made to feel like a nice local though.
Hard to say anything bad about this pub, weird location though. As it's next to the Works, there was some teenage night going on and the streets were full of kids wanting to look sexy being picked up by their parents.
An attractive table service was included.


I’ll admit now I might be biased but this is because I have always liked O’neils pubs, and this one is not exception. After getting our order at the bar we didn’t have to look far to find a free table by the window. After a while the barmaid was collecting our empties and offered us a table service to order another round, we liked this as it meant we did not have to move to get more drinks and the barmaids timing on the 3rd round was also spot on, maybe she was keeping an eye on us at it wasn’t a very busy evening or maybe it was just coincidence, either way we were not complaining.

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(Strongbow, Budwiser, J2O)


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