Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Wow where to begin. We hadn't even got to the bar and a chubby, rough looking middle-aged woman approaches us. She asks "Can you do me a favour?, I've got money but they are not taking cards, will you buy me a drink?".
We looked at each other, "Err... no". Then she leaves out the front door and shouts to all her mates who were waiting outside "Come on we're wasting our time lets go". Cheeky bint.
Then a little later some lout comes in who looks completely under-age and tries to get served, finds he can't. He comes back later with another yob who can't get him served either. The little shit then proceeds to take a swing at the barman! Wonderful.
The music pumping out of the jukebox was a mixture of hip-hop, reggae and choir. No one else noticed but I could smell a hint of dog in the air. There was also a Viagra machine in the toilet. This place was rough but how bad is it if people get their prescription from a bog rather than a doctor?
It was so bad even Andrew had to be driven to the bus stop afterwards to avoid the hoodlums.
Shit hole.

I have tried to be open minded with my review on this place as I think the evening we experienced did not do the place justice. Overall I think this place has good potential for a nice evening apart from the woman scrounging drinks off strangers, the guy who thought that if you argue long enough and try to hit the guy behind the bar, they might change their mind on an ID policy and give him a drink (even when his mate got refused to buy a drink for him he was even more upset when he mate was willing to settle for ‘just a coke’), oh and the ‘phantom dog smell’ that only Alex could detect, it wasn’t all that bad. This place had a ‘proper’ pub feel to it, and had obviously been there for years. I would say that they should probably not have a jukebox set on random should really be stocked with a lot more decent music and a lot less b-side stuff as it was going from one extreme to another and only about 2 tracks were recognised all evening. Bar staff seemed friendly when not fending off ID-less punters and seating was well spaced, comfortable and tables were even and level as tested when Alex spilled his bottle of beer and even after 25 minutes of chatting none of the spillage had made it to the floor, Alex did mop up before leaving. I reckon if we were to head back there again the overall experience might rate a lot higher.

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