Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Cocoanut

This place was next to the art campus of the Uni, so we were expecting quite a young crowd.
First thing to notice was it had very little lighting. If it wasn't for the candles (barmaid made a point of saying it was for 'ambience') you'd only be able to see the emergency exits and a pool table. Weird thing was all the proper ceiling lights had no bulbs in, the electricity bill must have been very high or someone had stolen them to make an arty sculpture.
We first propped ourselves up on some wobbly barstools because the only other free place to sit was a red couch with a broken hole in the middle. Andrew said it was too low to sit on and he'd never be able to get up again.
Finally a table became free by the window and we settled there. In the corner there were two standing "DJ's" wearing, for an unknown reason, butchers hats. They played a mixture of film themes, dramatic instrumental, house and cheesy music. They didn't mix anything and I didn't understand why it took two of them to change a CD.
The toilets must have been part of a 'ghetto art project' as they were covered in graffiti. I'd expect people who work there have kidney problems through fear of going in there.
Around 10pm it hotted up and some very fine ladies made the place look a whole lot better.
There was also a weird old man in an armchair who lived across the street who was staring at me through his living room window the whole bloody time, even when it got dark he didn't shut his curtains. I refused to turn round and look because that is exactly what he would have wanted.

Defiantly a student pub being staggering distance from a campus and a halls of residence. The prices also reflected the target student audience as did the variety of pick’n’mix style sweets behind the bar. Also a sculpture hanging from the ceiling of Crush (the surfer dude turtle from Finding Nemo) made entirely out of hubcaps, probably from the local art campus. After a brief struggle with the thumb latch on the door to open it we walked in to find it looking quite dark, due to some ‘mood lighting being provided by a lone candle on each table. Even though the place was fairly empty when we got there we could not locate a table and so sat at the bar but fortunately a table by the window vacated and was quickly re-located to. Shortly after re-location we realised Alex had a secret admirer in the form of an elderly gentleman in a house across the road just staring out of his living room window towards Alex for the most part of the evening, this freaked him out so naturally we found this quite amusing!
Music was being supplied by two guys on a small mixer, but not much mixing, more one track after another, quite a random selection as well, which was quite good but when the place was empty it could have been slightly lower in volume so we didn’t have to raise voices to talk (and then shout out something during the lull between tracks, nearly happened a few times). Generally the evening was pretty uneventful, started with very few patrons however business did pick up by about 10 which had a positive effect on the atmosphere and by the time last orders came about it was probably the busiest a place as got since we started our mission.

Drinks Price
(Strongbow, JD & Coke, Orange)


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