Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Duke of Buckingham

This is a granddad pub if I've ever been to one. It was so dull and dingy - at least we know where the local musty old men go.
Even before we got to the pub we had people peering out from behind the curtains in the street. We opened the door and stumbled into a games room, the local weirdo's put their drinks down and stared, so we promptly backed away and found another entrance.
The landlord was seriously fleshy, he kept a gun above the bar in one display case and some bath taps in another. He spent a lot of his time listening to someone shouting on his phone.
There was also a strange rumbling sensation coming from the floor throughout the pub, probably the landlords gut.

Can't really say much about this place, the evening was fairly uneventful. very quiet, most the poeple there when we arrived were the for the football match on tv and they left shortly after it finished. Being so far out of Kingston town centre its not really going to attract much in the way of 'passing trade'.
Funky doors on entry being curved and all but initially went through the 'Public Bar' one to end up in the games room and three people staring at us wondering who these people were who had the nerve to interrupt them, a quick backtrack and into the door to the main bar proved to be to right course of action. Overall a fairly dull place to go in my opinion.

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