Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Bishop Out of Residence

Being here on previous summers told us we wouldn't have to look hard to see a few Chav's metamorphosing, it's that age where they slowly crawl out of their shell suits and into adulthood.
The staff were a bit weird, the barman had long fuzzy blonde hair and he had the face of nightmares when looking across at the £10 note I was holding, it was like he'd been chosen to head Mensa. I gave him the exact change to stop him coming out in a rash. Another guy was just employed to stack the outside tables and chairs, which was pointless because people were unstacking them again when he turned his back.
There was one disturbing bit where some skinny, leathery skinned, 50ish, drunk bloke came up and plopped himself down on a table of girls and proceeded to slur and slobber over their table. Obvious to say their tables were being stacked two minutes later.
But don't get me wrong, it's a nice bar location and d├ęcor wise. It has all the drinks/snacks you could want.

This bar is one that we have frequented many times in the past and admittedly is a favourite of our when it comes to riverside drinking. Being one of the first evenings of a warm nature we decided to re-visit the list of bars we were waiting for warmer weather and this happened to be the first one.
Overall the level of trade was quite high for an early week session, however having the outside seating was proving to be popular, managed to get our drinks and find a table to accommodate us in the outside area. Lightweight chairs were slightly rickety but dint feel like they were going to collapse on us (or me). Price of the round does reflect the riverside location so while it is one of the few to break the £9 barrier for a round, it was worth it.
The evening itself went very wekk, Ollie was at the end of his course so decided to get the shots in (something that doesn’t usually happen on these tests as most of us are working the next day) unfortunately the shots were Absinthe, 55% proof which is apparently a ‘weaker strength version’, oh yes, it was also a double, after this and the aftershock later on in the evening we were even considering visiting Oceana but as the lifts home were looking less likely and realising the commitments we had the next day we decided maybe some other time.

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