Tuesday 13 May 2008

The Boaters Inn

As English weather goes, we thought it could be the last chance to sit outside in the sunshine for a while. What we were not prepared for was the swarms of midges that infested the waters edge. Even when I was inside ordering drinks I'm sure I was still spitting flies out in the bartenders face (which would explain why he couldn't get the top off my bottle of beer).
This is a first right, we ordered the three of our usuals, they didn't have any of them. Perhaps they heard of this blog (harhar) and tried to avoid the tarnishing drivel - not happening guys, there is no escape.
But I digress, none of this make any difference to my approval rating. After moving inside away from the flies it was chilled out, loved the atmosphere, loved the beer. I'm coming back, but this time I'll be wearing one of those sexy hats with corks.

We decided on another riverside location this week as it looked like a nice evening. We arrived to find the pub in a park type area giving it a rather rural setting for Kingston, also this is one of the farthest out of Kingston pubs we have visited yet (2nd only to Duke of Buckingham which was miles out). The rural setting and riverside location did mean there was large amount of flies lurking about the entrance, and the outside seating area, but we didn’t have to worry too long about that as the temperature really dropped after round 1 and we went back inside. Surprisingly not one of our usual order was available from the bar meaning some quick thinking was in order for some of us and what exact soft drink to have was more of a decision for Ollie, 3 types of fruit juice and all the standard soft drinks made for quite a selection after there not being J2O in stock.
The bar had a nice atmosphere about it, staff were friendly and seemed to be making small talk with some of the other customers.
Apart fomr that it was a fairly non-eventful evening, its defiantly one of those places for a chilled out weekend afternoon cathing up with mates, or possible a pre-night-out place, somewhere to get the evening going.

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