Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Ram

Find table outside in the evening sun. Get drinks in. Look around and notice strange students wearing plastic happy meal sunglasses. An hour later they are replaced by brash larger louts with too much testosterone and beer for their bodies to cope with. Nice entertainer man, he say come inside for quiz, we say yes.
We play quiz, we fail at quiz (by considerable margin). Oliver and I hide when results are read, seven other teams point and laugh at Andrew thinking he's on his own.
Staff were friendly enough, although without the quiz, the pub would have been quite blasé.
Oh and although it's by the river, the rear 'garden' is pathetic concrete strip.

The outside seating area almost matches the sq/footage of the inside of the pub, its a shame its so far away from the bar itself to make getting a refill of your drinks something less than a chore for the guy who got the short straw! Beer garden would be nice on a summers weekend but for an evening situation, if you're facing the wrong direction you will have the sun in your eyes till it hides behind the trees.
I like Pub Quiz's, even if we did loose quite spectacularily i think the face that the quiz existed was a major plus for this venue.


Drinks Price
(Strongbow, Budwiser, J2O)


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