Tuesday, 24 June 2008


This place charged us more per round than anywhere else we'd been. It wasn't helped by the unpleasantness of sitting exposed to Kingston's main one-way system either.
Apart from us, the only people there were a group of excitable goggle-eyed middle aged men playing table football, overlooked by the barmaid on a stool.
The internals looked OK, but at this price... hell, we left after one round.

Not much to say really, when we got there it was very quiet apart from the table football competition looking event happening and after the first round we decided to call it a day and head to the next on the list which was handily just across the road. Alex was so depressed for getting the first round in he wanted to jump out the window but when Ollie and I went though the door he calmed down and followed. This is more of a place to go after the pub as its usually open till 1 or 2!


Drinks Price
(Magners, JD & Coke, J2O)


Alex's Score

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Didn't wait to find out




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