Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Grey Horse

Tuesday's must be some kind of 'open talent night' round the back. When anyone swung the door open to get to the bar, we were showered in either very bad beat boxing, a vocally challenged guitar player or someone who knew only the chord of C on a piano.
To be fair they do have some good nights on at the Grey Horse, it's just wasn't happening when we were there.
It was reasonably priced and I noticed they sold real ale.

After the pleasant surprise of the round price (especially after just leaving Isha, the look on Alex's face was a classic) we looked about for seats and found....all of them totally empty, for the most part we were the only customers in the main bar. The next room had a staged area and what appeared to be an open mic night. Only ventured in there to use the facilities, and getting slightly confused by coming across the first door with a ladies symbol and then the second door .....also with a ladies symbol, only after asking at the bar was I told there was a third door, right in the corner, not so obvious in a darkened room.
This place does potentially hold a good atmosphere and there was plenty of evidence of previous and upcoming nights that I'm sure would be quite a hit, we even considered coming back the following Sunday for a comedy night with some recognisable names.

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(Strongbow, JD & Coke, J2O)


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