Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Honest Cabbage

Our first impressions of this daft named pub wasn't particularly good, I'm putting that down to the area (it's based in the middle of Fairfield’s housing estate). Some drunken old louts were by the front door making a nuisance to anything that walked passed (including a 16 year old girl).
After dodging them we got to the bar and ordered the usual. Unfortunately the barman opened a wrong bottle, we got a strong impression he was not willing to exchange it for what we asked. Humph.
Sitting outside, it was worse than that at The Ram. Damaged tables on concrete slabs covered in weeds, with a bin in the corner – that pretty much sums it up.
Being the only ones left, we eventually headed inside. It was quite agreeable actually, with comfy seats, good music, TV and a pleasant atmosphere. Nothing to complain about if you stay indoors :)


We were initially happy that this weeks venue had a beer 'garden' but that was a loose term for the area, more of a beer yard as there was no vegetation to be seen. Prices were about average though the bartender could use some help deciphering the difference between the flavours of J2O on offer.
After a couple of rounds the temperature dropped and we decided to head inside and although it was empty apart from a group of guys in the corner, the atmosphere was held quite well and we found a comfortable table by the bar and continued till last orders.


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Anonymous said...

Recently the pub has completely changed and i advise you go back to have a look around. The garden has changed a bit but inside the atmosphere is great, fabulous food for the low, low price of £1.95 and welcoming staff.
I definitly agree with you about the atmosphere being lovely and peaceful but i would like to inform you that all irritable youngsters have gone and is now a place for good social gatherings!!!

Anonymous said...

I live opposite the pub and, although I must admit that like most pubs the outside can be a bit loud, the atmosphere is always warm. The food is lovely (and VERY CHEAP)! It is definitely worth a revisit! Especially with the host of live bands! The Portobello Jazz Band keep returning and those cats can really swing!