Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Kelly Arms

Amazingly good value and very traditional, The Kelly Arms was a pleasant surprise after what we had experienced a short distance down the road at The Duke of Buckingham. Situated in a residential area, it was pretty quiet with only one other customer when we arrived. Instead of a jukebox, a TV was in the corner playing the Kevin Costner film - No Way Out. I didn't understand the plot, it just involved a murder and a lot of running away.
On the placard outside the pub was advertising they had a Nintendo Wii. This is all good, except when they decide to list every Wii Sports game as if it were separate. The fact is it's one game, and that's the one they give you free. Don't try it.
If I lived local I'd be a regular here, good stuff.

This place looked very quiet on the outside, and on the inside....nothing was too different, TV was on showing Star Trek when we arrived and all of one other customer was in the bar. We places our order and when we were asked for the money we looked at each other thinking he must have missed one of the drinks off the tab but no, sure enough this is by far the cheapest rounds we have had yet, by at least £1.30, something I cant see being beaten but we are not even halfway through our mission at this point.
We took our drinks outside as it was a nice evening and the area was also quiet and very pleasant, outdoor seating looked new though on the slightly small side, max 4 people to a bench. It didn't get much busier over the course of the evening, maybe 3 or four others came and went. Would probably come here again if I happened to be in that part of Kingston again! (P.S, Don't listen to Alex, Wii Sports is a good game, just because it comes with the console doesn't mean its not good for hours of entertainment with friends, we just didn't try it this evening!)

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