Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Old Orleans

The USP of tonight's bar was good old cleavage.
Looking around, I got to know people instantly by the way they checked out the barmaids. There's the type who will take a sly glance when they think no ones watching, the other that stares, locked like a man possessed. Oh and then there's us, who stupidly grin at each other like prats before the other catches on.
This place is quite honestly priced as long as you keep away from the cocktails. Even when spending £11 on a pitcher you'll be lucky to get 3.5 short glasses and then end up spilling half of it when the ice comes tumbling out (well done Andrew).
The layout is cool, although stay away from those tanned couches. They appear to have had better days and are currently looking like something you'd find in Rab C. Nesbitt's garden.
The bar is a popular one for the student crowd and doesn't have any annoying music pumping out like the other local bars.

In the past I have only ever been here for a Christmas party, a birthday party and a meal with some mates on another birthday..... oh and some pre TGI’s for another birthday..... long story short, all of these were on a Saturday night and all but one were during the Xmas period so its has always been, well, heaving is the only word that comes close! This evening there were only about 5 small groups of people in and the restraint was deserted!
We approached the bar and after looking around while waiting to be served I noticed Alex and Ollie whispering to each other and giggling, after a short while I was up to speed and they were fixated by what the bar staff seemed to be showing off (see Alex’s review). We were pleasantly surprised at the cost of the round and looking at the drinks menu you could quite happily get a round of 3 alcoholic drinks for less that £6, something that I think would give the Kelly Arms a run for its money, however as our default order has not changed I was destined to get the bottle of Bulmer’s as it was the only Cider drink on over at a cost of over £4 for a bottle, it over doubled the cost of the other two drinks, had I gone for, say, a bottle of Corona or Budweiser, I'm fairly certain we’d be on a round less than £6.although it was very quiet it looked like only one barmaid was on duty meaning there was always a wait to be served as she also seemed to be on glass collection. Even though its mid-week, they really should have had a second member of bar staff on.
Atmosphere was pretty good and cocktails we sampled were not too bad though quantities for your money are questionable, probably why the standard drinks are so cheap that they make their money on the cocktails. Overall a pleasant place, would quite happily return for a mid-week drink, or weekend one!

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(Strongbow, Budwiser, J2O)


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