Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Richmond Park

Another of the old granddad pubs where local lout families come to get drunk and create unnecessary drama for laughs.
Probably the biggest pub we've been to, The Richmond Park is divided into two sections. One side is for the old people slowly rotting away eating fish and chips, the other is a rowdy billiards room with a jukebox that loves to play Shirley Bassey on high volume.
If I was 50 years older I might contemplate coming back here for hopefully both my eyes and ears would have deteriorated to a point which makes sitting in here bearable. There was a Scottish Terrier laying on the floor trying to chew his own leg off, I knew how he felt.
Scampi Fries and a friendly barmaid were the positives, but that should come as standard!

It’s a pub of two halves, a small area that has a huge amount of volume on the jukebox, 4 tables, one of them for pool. We started in the main area which looked like more of a eating area than a pub, after the first pint Alex was insisting that we head to the next door area, so we did, we place our order realised it was packed and we couldn’t hear each other, and then returned to where we were but a more ‘pubby’ part of the area. Was interested to see dogs were allowed to roam freely about the place, not usual for somewhere that serves food by hey ho, the dog was more interested in his own leg than anything the humans were eating. Alex decided to buy 4 bags of scampi fries this week but got very protective of them and would only let us have 1 bag between us, every time we went to open another he snatched them away with a look in his face which made me think he may be worried of any ‘consequences’ had he not taken them home with him instead of consume them, Odd you may think……I would agree!
- Andrew

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