Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Peel

By all accounts this public house is named after Robert Peel, who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the late 19th century. All very nice, but now ask yourself - how does that tie in with being a strip club?? That I cannot answer.
The pub has three main areas, games room, live music room (a few bands play on weekends) and the strip club is at the back.
After going through the five-inch thick double doors at the entrance we arrived in the games room. The barman looked like something from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, an old bald guy dressed in a vest and jeans with tattoos all over his arms. I approached and tried to order a round but every time I tried, he'd wander off. It appeared he'd only serve us from the strip club.
After getting the drinks and shuffling back to the games room we played a couple of games of pool, then out of nowhere the old barman started shouting "Don't go behind the bar!!!". It was aimed at some other young guys who were the other side of the games room. We were all looking a bit confused, as no one had or even could of been near there.
Inside the strip club itself the lighting is quite dim, with two poles on centre stage. I didn't bear thinking about what I was sitting on, none of the stools looked particularly healthy. There was a strange musty smell too, perhaps it was decades of smoking clinging to the walls. Scattered about the place there were three old men who were probably regulars and lived alone. There were two alternating dancers who were somewhat attractive. Unfortunately Oliver forgot his glasses so didn't get to see anything!

Now, after going out in Kingston for many many years I was quite surprised to find that there was a local strip bar, not that I would go out looking for one, but you usually hear about the locations of them when you are such a local to the area. The venue is also home to a live music venue which is active on a number of nights of the week, unfortunately this was not one of those nights. We started out in the bar area which is quite a small area with a pool table, after a while we realised that the barman was reluctant to serve us in this room and we then moved next door to the larger bar area, complete with stage (and poles....you can see where this is going). So we stayed for the entertainment on offer for a round or two then headed back to the small bar to continue our games of pool for a while before catching the last show before we left, just as we were leaving the stage artist was collecting £1's for a final show she was putting on for a couple of guys who had just arrived and didn't want them to have wasted their time, a sign of good service.
Overall not a bad bar, with a surprising feature to boot, not sure if its a place I would frequent a lot unless it was on a large lads night of a special occasion (stag do etc.) However I would like to see what the live music is like when its on. Defiantly not a good idea to mess with the landlord, from the looks of things he's a dab hand of dealing with trouble!

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Anonymous said...

Lol, Did u see a short blonde working@the strip bar?

Alex said...

No blondes that night. A foreign olive skin bird and a tall english, headmistress who flosses with puny, weak men.

Anonymous said...

have you guys ever used 247drink.co.uk?