Tuesday 30 September 2008

The Park Tavern

Tucked away, The Park Tavern took us 20minutes of driving around to finally find. It is a quaint little place with ornaments scattered all around the inside, including a moose head and dead parrot.
Had a good cosy feel to it like you were in someone's living room - complete with fireplace. Well that was until we sat down on a seat I can only describe as a 'choir bench'. Good for your posture they may be but totally uncomfortable for a relaxing evening of drinking. I've known more comfy bus-stops.
As the football was on it was pretty busy, with a good sized plasma screen on one side of the pub without distracting anyone who wasn't interested in watching. Drinks were a fair price and when asking for a Jack Daniels & coke we got a proper a glass bottle of coca-cola not the stuff from the tap, which we found surprising.
Nice friendly place, as English as it gets!

One of the most easterly pubs in Kingston, and quite well hidden this must be one of the ‘real’ locals in Kingston, most other patrons seemed to be really familiar with the place and the other people there/staff. We decided to seat ourselves in the non tv area and after placing our order I found myself behins the other two as they headed for the ‘couch-style’ seats, only to find that they were harder than boulders on a cold day, meanwhile I sat on the wooden char what was actually quite comfy, naturally Alex stole the seat when I got my round in but as his was next I let him have is victory and reclaimed it later, this might sound ‘petty’ but the other seat was really not that nice to sit on.Overall atmosphere of the place was quite pleasant, the bar staff even say bye to us when we were leaving at closing time, I would have no trouble having a drink here again, provided I got a good seat of course.

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(Strongbow, JD & Coke, J2O)


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