Tuesday 7 October 2008

The Spring Grove

Right behind the University campus, this huge pub is quite a hidden gem.
Two polish female staff provided fast service as soon as we walked in, and although it was slightly more expensive than the average, the pub had a good lively but comfortable feel to it.
A mixture of both young and old frequent here with plenty of comfy couches, seating areas and a garden, modern jukebox, and couple of quiz machines to boot.
I personally wouldn't bother playing Monopoly on the quiz machines. Every time you get to the last question before payout, the machine picks an impossibly hard question then laughs in your face with the most abrupt game over screen ever.

I think I mentioned before that I am an ex-student of Kingston uni, and once again I am disappointed that I never explored the local pubs more while I was there, this is defiantly the type of place where you could easily spend an whole afternoon after lectures with a few friends. Thankfully this also applies to today where we enjoyed a chilled out evening on 2 large leather sofas, never had to wait to be served at the bar, the only downside was the IT Box being very stingy on the questions on Video Monopoly. This is defiantly one I would re-visit if I am in this part of Kingston going for a drink.

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