Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Wheelwrights Arms

One of the last remaining independent high street pubs in Kingston, when I came here a few years ago I was greeted with grumpy unwelcoming faces, good to see it's modernised and much more friendly.
Has a fresh feel to the place, sells food, a few different ales and a jukebox that loves to play Michael Jackson even through it's supposedly on random. One word of advice is not to go for the peanuts they taste rotten and will make your breath smell like boiling animal fat over a stove. Oh also don't lean on the radiators they still have cobwebbed fag-ends in them from prior to the smoking ban.
Being positioned in the heart of Kingston it is the perfect place for sitting by the window and people-watching. Tonight we saw Mohican Haired Kid, Moonwalking Cardigan Guy and a street-cleaner coupled with girl in string-vest and blue tracksuit bottoms. We think it was weirdo's night out.
The blinds came down shortly after that and we got the feeling we should leave. Good place, to sit down, chill out with a beer and have a chat (and be nosey).

This is one of the places that I have seen many many times in Kingston but never ventured inside to see what its like, usually its rammed or just has a couple of older guys dotted about the place, nevertheless, its next on the list and we were going here tonight. Having been a little early and the other running a little late I decided to head solo to grab a seat and wait for them, found it fairly busy but managed to grab a table by the door so I could see out the window and also watch the TV while I waited, once the others arrived we carried on our usual weekly banter, the drinks seemed to be flowing quite well this evening, I must say it was one of the heavier nights we have had, and they’re a fairly rare occurrence, only a few times have we exceeded the standard ‘3 rounds then home’ routine.Overall quite a quiet place, music piped into the background but the mix that was playing was quite a random one.

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(Strongbow, JD & Coke, J2O)


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McCoys and some mouldy 'Big D' peanuts.




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