Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The White Hart

Although retaining all it's traditional features on the outside, this once pub has now been refurbished into a generic hotel bar.
After ordering a rather expensive round from the bar from a couple of waitresses (who were also busy serving the guests their evening meals), we found a table in the corner next to the window.
It felt a little discomforting to be surrounded by people having their evening tea, reading newspapers and loudly talking on their phones in foreign languages. The only good I can say has any value are the the ales.
By 11pm they were laying out the breakfast plates on the tables ready for tomorrow morning. My guess is that The White Hart is run by hotel owners who have no experience with pubs.
It's got a warm feel, with the log fire and soft furnishings, so you could take a date along here, but not on the first date, that would be stupid.

Well, Kingston I believe is done, but the list is not yet through, our source list has a few others on the outskirts which are close enough to test out, and this one is just the other side of the river. Looks like your standard traditional pub form the outside but what a shock when we went in, looks more like a hotel reception than a bar, at one point I thought we had walked in the wrong part. The set up is more for hotel patrons than passers but it’s not exclusively for guests so we found ourselves a table and sat down. Price was a little surprising for its location but this was probably more due to the hotel attached than anything else. Can’t see a reason I would come here socially unless I moved far away from the area and then come back for a visit staying at this hotel.

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