Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Swan

We ordered the usual, but it wasn't until we sat down and actually started drinking we noticed these weren't quite the same beverages we were used to. Upon going back for round two and leaning over the bar we noticed the J20 was called something else, a similar printed label, tasted ok, but with an added bonus of scraping sugar off your teeth after every mouthful. The Strongbow was dark and cloudy and certainly wasn't Strongbow. I wouldn't of normally minded, but it would of been nice to be told and pay cheaper brand prices.
Bar staff were ok, two guys. One of which at the end of the night cleaned the table next to us three times in 30mins, no idea why, it's not like we have anything worth eavesdropping on for.
When are these pubs going to learn not to put the jukebox on random? I'm fed up with hearing the likes of Cliff Richard, gangsta hip-hop and Brazilian samba in the space of 20mins. I was thankful when the machine got stuck and they switched the bloody thing off.
Oh and there's free pool on Tuesdays.

Admittidly I am writing this about a month after going (after a busy christmas etc and much harrassment from Alex to 'DO THE BLOG!!!!' I thought I had better get it done.
THis place seeme to be pretty good but i think there was something up with the drinks as the next few days i was feeling really ill, after the 2nd drink the barrel ran out on the 3rd round so that may have had something to do with it, i dunno. Must say that after asking the barman to reccomend a shot we had some cherry liqueur thing that was quite nice, one of the saving graces from the evening.

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