Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Railway

Things to note while at this pub:
  • Entertainment includes happy hardcore music, sport and Only Fools and Horses on TV.
  • Probable sign theft from Hampton Wick station opposite, displayed around the bar.
  • Drunk punters asking random people their postcode and shouting "Breadbin" for unknown reasons.
  • One guy in a scarf by himself, shouting very loudly over everyone at the football.
  • A very large man trying to play darts but only able to do so by leaning on the pool table for support. Same man manages to ride home on a moped.
  • Everyone, including the barman will disappear and leave the pub every so often.
  • The resident canine likes Scampi Fries.
  • No longer under Mafia control.

This place is ideally siutated just opposite the station, so was expecting it to have more than a few people in it from passing trade of people coming home from work etc, but alas, when we arrived there were only a handful of people there. Over the course of the evening i cant remember any new people arriving, but most people left before closing, even the bar staff for a short while. TV was showing sport, but then when that finished it was switched to Paramount COmedy which prooved distracting to a point, then only fools an horses came on and that was about the end of conversation for us as all attention was on the tv (or a mobile). Not a bad place, tho could do with more customers to give it a better atmosphere.

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(Strongbow, Budweiser, Orange)


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