Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Old Kings Head

Based on Hampton Court Road, isolated from pretty much the rest of Hampton Wick, the location of this pub makes me wonder why or how it still trading. I suppose it could cash in on the students living opposite, but instead The Old Kings Head decides to have less character than a doctors waiting room.
Bear in mind we visited when some temperatures were some of the lowest in 15 years, and were looking forward to settling down in a cosy pub over a cold beer. No such luck, the radiators were about as warm as your grandma's feet after a week of having her heating cut off. Even the barman took the liberty of keeping his coat and scarf firmly wrapped round him.
When it came to ordering there was no Strongbow for Andrew but they did have 2 for 1 on pints of Fosters, something worth celebrating at last...?
Well almost, it was quite short-lived. Even though there was only 4 other people in this sizeable pub they seemed to run out before we had a chance to get the second round. In fact everything on tap seemed to run out and they were even down to their last packet of McCoys crisps.
Perhaps they were doing a badly marketed closing down sale which would explain the lack of d├ęcor and heating. One can only hope.

This place seemed to lack atmosphere on the evening we visited, upon entering we realised we were one of about 3 groups in the bar, and for a large place, made it look quite empty which was a shame as we were informed about a promotion which was basically buy one get one free on the fosters, something which could be very popular with the student accommodation for the Uni just across the road., it would have been more popular for us had it lasted for more than one round before running dry.
It was a very cold evening and unfortunately there was very little heating (see Alex’s post) and the lack of other bodies in the place did mean a cold draught swept through whenever someone went in or out the door.
Overall I would say this place defiantly has the potential for an alright and cheap night out, but the night we went it was just cold and nothing much else to write about.

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