Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Foresters Arms

This was actually the first pub we visited in Hampton wick, but upon the previous visit, our sensitive gag reflexes could not stand the smell of what one can only describe as Captain Birdseye's fingers. We stayed as long as it takes to enter through the front and exit through the side door.
Today thankfully fish must have been off the menu, as for the tonight’s odour was much more bearable, similar to Nicky Clarke's fingers after a day at the salon.
If you hadn't already guessed, it’s a gastropub with traditional bar stools and tables one end, and restaurant based amenities at the other. Unfortunately we ended up in the restaurant surrounded by half a dozen menus, towering candles (which nearly took an eye out) and the usual gritty condiments. Food looked nice though.
Across the ceiling, giant cloth sheets stretched themselves into each corner of the room... only to hide big holes no one bothered to fill in while decorating.
The Foresters Arms is the best Hampton Wick has to offer, but that isn’t saying much looking at the competition. It’s also hotel for £50 a night, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about hidden cavities or strange aromas.

I missed the first attempt of heading to this place as I was running late on that evening, which is probably for the best looking at Alex’s post regarding the fishy aroma. After getting our drinks we looked for somewhere to sit that didn’t look like it was part of the restaurant, weirdly the people in the pub part of the venue were eating so when we did find a seat we were in the restaurant area. This didn’t really cause an issue however, apart from the candle in the centre of the table being at eye level making a blinding effect, easily resolved by sliding it to one side but worth mentioning if you go for a meal and the plates are in the way of moving the candle. As the evening went it was another of those uneventful ones I'm afraid, either that or I am writing this so far after visiting that anything that did happen cant have been that great/bad for me to forget it.

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