Tuesday 20 January 2009

The Albert

If you have to drive here, don't bother. Being opposite the hospital, parking spaces are non existent. The cost of non residential parking usually results in pawning off your own limbs. We decided to keep our body parts intact and walk a half mile down the road.
I must say, once inside, this is a very nice clean pub. It has a nice cosy feel, huge amounts of room and good selection of real ale. They even have special chairs if you ever need to queue for the toilet.
One thing to note is the smell of tobacco smoke and catfood coming from the kitchen (not at the same time). I hate to imagine what was on the menu.
Also, the staff are rather brusque and certainly won't give you service with a smile. In fact, come 11:30 we were rudely told if we 'wouldn't minded leaving'.
Overall The Albert is a lovely pub, just falls short on steep prices and crabby barmaids.

I must admit I have passed this pub hundreds of time while heading into and out of Kingston and have always looked inside curious what it was like so I was quite pleased when we reached this part f our mission, and yes, we have now started on the Norbiton area just outside Kingston itself, seems the pubs are running out at an alarming rate!
inside the pub has a warm atmosphere and we found ourselves seated at a sofa in the far corner of the pub just by the kitchen, from here we could only see half the bar as it continued round the corner and to be fair we probably could have found a better seating area but alas this is where we set up base. This is defiantly the sort of place to sit and chat with friends, we were a bit surprised at the prices, so much so than when I got my round in I wasn’t expecting change but thankfully the barmaid came up to where we were sitting to give it to me, my mind must have been elsewhere at the time but it’s good to know there are still honest people out there!

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