Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Alexandra

Perhaps due to the inches of snow and ice that lined the streets this week, there was very little life in the Alexandra. It's quite a contemporary pub fitted with good seating areas, small TV screens and a jukebox that will play a random record once every twenty minutes.
The lady on the bar was very friendly, I think she was happy to see some life in her pub! Prices are also reasonable.
Look out for the "cockdryer" notice in the gents toilets (no, I am not making that up).

This week almost didn’t happen due to the inches of snow over the previous few days but we braved it and even had a 4th member of the party with us this week (in fact a 5th turned up just before we left as well, only the 2nd time there have been a group that big, is it us or do people really have better things to do on a Tuesday?) Anyways, not many people in this pub but the meant we could choose a couple of rather large sofa’s to sit for the evening. Quite ironically shortly after mentioning the lack of ambient music, the jukebox sprang to life with a random track, this happened a few times during the night which wasn’t a hassle but probably could have done with a bit of a turn down on the volume as voices had to be raised slightly for the duration of the track. Actually got to the point where it was closing and some of us were saying if only it opened till 12 which has to be a positive note (either that or we were getting a little drunk, shots had an innings this evening).

Drinks Price
(Strongbow, JD & Coke, glass red wine, J2O)


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Yes, but all out of scamp fries :(




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