Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Kingston Gate

Amazing. No, not the pub, but imagine a carpark so unorganised that it would seem that half the people that drove here were already drunk before they even got to the bar. You'll also need to get a 'parking ticket' from the bar or you'll end up getting 'clamped'.
Inside is huge. Mainly split into three areas - an area for pool, an area for watching sky sports, and a corner for the weekly poker game. We were doing neither of those things, so things got complicated trying to find somewhere to sit. Upon finding a table by the TV we were told by a regular we could get a better seat, this was even after protesting we were not interested in the game. Coming to this pub for just general chitchat is unheard of.
If you're male and you enjoy constant shouts of jubilation from every angle, this is your place.
They also advertise WiFi, which is all lies.

The pub had a few things going on this evening, a poker tournament, football on the tv not to mention the other range of entertainments from the dart board, pool table and the ever more popular IT BOX which seems to be appearing in a whole host of pubs around Kingston (we hardly ever play them but I am noticing them more). There is a huge amount of floor space here, could have room for more tables and chairs but the they do use it and this makes for a more social atmosphere yet you don’t have to worry about overhearing the conversations form adjacent tables, a relatively nice balance. Sadly nothing was super amazing and the overhanging possibility of having to make an early move did detract from the evening.

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