Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Norbiton & Dragon

We strolled in just before 9pm, and first impressions were very good. The place has been recently refurbished into a very trendy looking pub, with a good selection of ales, a bar menu and wine list to boot.
Due to its popularity we initially squeezed into the corner of the restaurant area, which has to be said, was a bit too warm for comfort. Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long for one of the many comfy sofas to become available.
Seems that many people choose to come here for a drink after work, including the crabby barmaid from The Albert (fair play for bunking off, I know where I'd rather be). Heading towards the end of the night sees a younger crowd before closing at 11:30.
It may not be your traditional English pub, but I'll be coming back here in the future for sure.

This pub has a very deceptive look to it, from the outside and the photos its looks like quite a large establishment, and while it not a small place it seem to lack the floor space you would expect from the outside impressions. Again, I arrived a little earlier than the others so decided to head inside for a drink and a snack. When I asked if they had any crisps they said all that they had was prawn crackers, so I asked for a bag of them and then realised there were freshly made, spiced prawn crackers with sweet chilli dip served in a basket. While I was not expecting this it was a nice suprise and I must say very tasty! There was a high level of trade in this evening as it also plays host to a thai restaurant in the back, thankfully I found myself a table to sit and wait but alas this was right on top of a radiator which was on fairly high. Later in the evening after the others had arrive we managed to relocate to some low level couches which were quite comfy and right next to the bar so this made the round ordering less of a chore (you could practically place the order without standing, if you wanted to).
Overall this place seemed to get things just right, good level of atmosphere, interesting snacks and an average price (bear in mind the price below is for 4 drinks, not the regular 3), and the only real downer to this evening was the heating system and the fact it wasn’t open later as if it was we would have defiantly stayed for another round or two.

Drinks Price
(Strongbow, JD & Coke, glass red wine, J2O)


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