Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Waggon and Horses

Although this pub right on the main road, we still got some cold stares through the window as we pulled up into one of the parking spaces outside.  Maybe we looked a bit too much like students, and being so close to the university the older generation were trying to keep it their local.
Once inside, we ordered our drinks and leapt over to the quiz machine.  It wasn't long before one of the old locals was standing behind us, "I know this one, but I'm not going to tell you what it is, haha", yeah real useful, go finish your pint.  Finally he was distracted by a young girl coming through the door and embarrassingly tried to buy her a drink, after that failed he went back to his corner where he belonged.
The place is okay, I like how they've separated the bar and the food areas. It's a bit expensive but I think that is to keep the the uni students out.

Pub facilities / features:

Sports Screens
Food served
Real ale
Car park (three spaces)
Alex - 7.9
Andrew - ?
Dave - ?
Oliver - ?

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