Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Antelope

A mans pub.  The barman was huge, he towered above the bar and raised an eyebrow in contempt when we tried to order anything but a pint.  Very much rugby themed, with dozens of faded photos on the wall and TV constantly showing sporting highlights.  We sat at the back of the pub on a couch right under a speaker blaring out country music.  One of the cool things was an old Pinball machine, but that wasn't enough to keep us from getting annoyed at the stupidly loud music.  We ended up going back to O'Neill's for the rest of the evening.
I'd probably not bother coming here again, especially when there's a risk of dying in a fire - the back doors are locked by a dodgy bicycle D-lock.

Pub facilities / features:

Sports screens
Outside seating
Alex - 5.3
Andrew - ?
Dave - ?
Oliver - ?

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Anonymous said...

I recently went into this pub with my daughter and grandson of 14 months. The barmaid served us with a smile and charged us £10+ for 2 glasses of wine, a packet of crisps and some nuts. We sat away from the main body of the pub so that my grandson could wander about under our careful supervision, making sure he never went anywhere near the main bar. We were the only customers and were enjoying a couple of sips of our glass of wine when the landlord appeared and told us very rudely to "put a leash on him". We were shocked at his reaction but had another sip when he then told us that my grandson had to sit on our lap at all times if we wanted to drink in there. I told him exactly what I thought of his stupid rule which should have been explained to us when we arrived instead of taking our money & then telling us. I didn't think he was in any position to be so picky about his custom, considering the fact that his bar was empty and the one 100 yards further up, which welcomed families was jam packed. We certainly won't go there again!!!