Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Gazebo

I don't know what this place is trying to be.
Upon entering the downstairs entrance your greeted with hard wooden chairs and tables, the nothingness of space and dark lighting makes the place feel moody and depressing. When ordering our drinks the barmaid was stroppy, pulling faces when we asked for a J2O and then throwing the change into my hand. I suggested we check out upstairs.
Now the upper floor is a complete different kettle of fish, there's people smiling, chatting, comfy couches, relaxing lighting. When we went to get the next round the same barmaid was smiley and pleasant!! What the f...? It's like a different pub.
I don't know if they are trying to keep a 'traditional pub' downstairs and a 'cool bar' upstairs but seriously, it's a big fail from me. So this is why I only giving it half marks.

This is defiantly a pub of two halves, just not the traditional split down the middle, it’s a one on top of the other affair. The bottom bar boasts large patio style doors to the riverside walk and a red cloth pool table but its not the most lively of places to go and the low ceiling makes it fairly dark inside.Head upstairs via an outside staircase and you’re in a totally different atmosphere, much brighter, soft furnishings and a balcony seating area is defiantly more the place to go. This is a Samuel Smiths bar so no mainline alcohol which made for an interesting round but otherwise the top floor is defiantly a place to go in the summer, can’t see it doing that great in the winter.

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